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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

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South Austin Coin Exchange is the best place in Austin to buy silver bullion!  Why shop online and pay shipping fees, when you can purchase right here in your own backyard?  If you know the market, then you know that it is very difficult to find 10 oz Engelhard Silver Bars right now for a decent price.  Well, look no further.  We have several of these highly desired 10 oz Engelhard Silver Bars in stock right now for cheaper than we can order them from our wholesaler.  Once they are gone, they are gone!  We never know when we will get these in again. We have a lot of 90% silver in stock.  90% silver is one of the most affordable ways to own silver.  One reason 90% silver has become so popular is because it is so divisible.  You can own a 90% silver dime for as low at $2.15 with silver at $35.67.  While silver eagles carry the highest premium in our shop at the moment, they are still very popular because they are put out by the United States Mint and they are very recognizable.  Many times, people want to stick with the lowest premium item.  Customers want to know why certain items bring different premiums.  The way I explain it to them is that the market makes the premium.  It is all relative folks.  At South Austin Coin Exchange everything is relative when it comes to our buy/sell spread.  So whether you are buying 90% silver or silver eagles, our margins are almost always identical.  I cannot speak for other coin dealers or shops, but when you deal with South Austin Coin Exchange you are going to get a very fair buy back price.  If you buy 10 oz bars from South Austin Coin Exchange on a Monday, and by Friday the market has gone up a few bucks, well then guess what?  You can sell the items back to South Austin Coin Exchange for a profit!

We just paid for a sealed box of 2006 silver eagles.  With silver at $30.60, we offered this box for $16,675.  If you do your homework, you will understand that you cannot find this box anywhere in the country for that price.  You might be able to buy an open box of silver eagles for that price, but not a sealed 2006 box.  Silver is on the rise and the box is still available.  We will break the seal if we must, but the volume discount only applies to 500 ounces at a time.

Come take a look at our large selection of coins and you will be very happy you came in.  Some days, we are low on certain items, but all we have to do is make a phone call and we have access to wholesalers across the country that we have the ability to lock in deals with. 

If you would like to make a large purchase or you have any questions about anything, please call:
512-233-GOLD (4653). 

We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Enjoy this beautiful day and have a great weekend!
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